Sleep Under the Stars Tonight!

Our newest room is The Galaxy Suite, awash in light by day, streaming in from four huge windows and a 10-foot skylight. The pictures here don't do justice to it's bright, beautiful, and open-concept sleeping experience. The skylight has a Roman blind that you can open to enjoy the starry show above, or close to sleep in the morning. Warm summer evenings are magic here, as night-time breezes waft leisurely across, and caress the sleepy traveler. In winter, the cold stars glitter above, seemingly within arm's reach.

The View From Your Pillow.

Here's why this room is so awesome: if the stars are out the view is unforgettable. Can you see the Big Dipper? At certain times of the year, it stands upright, majestically framed by the skylight. On other evenings you might see Cassiopeia in all her beauty. Every night brings a new vista, from sundown to the first light of morning.
It can't always be a clear night, so what's the room like when it rains? A good description would be: soothingly surreal, to lie there untouched, as the raindrops gather above and form rivulets, radiating down and outwards in perfect symmetry. And a thunderstorm? Words can't describe the lightshow you're in for, amid the clamour and clash of the heavens!

Hand-Cranked Roman Blinds.

If you like old-fashioned, hands-on control of your environment, you'll love our skylight Roman blind. It features a hand-cranked operator, allowing you to set your comfort level for sleeping, especially in the morning, when the rising sun can make it really bright in the room.

Romantic Getaways Par Excellence.

The Galaxy Suite is fantastic for romantic getaways, as it offers the best of our two attractions here: a wilderness experience, and a luxury accommodation, both easily accessible as you lie there and enjoy the view. Inquire about our shuttled hikes, which are pefect for couples interested in exploring the Bruce together.
For vacationing travelers, the room's large size makes it great for families; the Galaxy Suite will sleep up to 2 adults and 2 children, ages 12 and up. We can set up three Vilas single beds in addition to the queen bed shown, and there's still lots of room. During your stay with us, you can also enjoy our free Telescope Nights when skies are clear. So come to Evergreen Forest, in the beautiful Bruce Peninsula. When you're ready to book, go to our Booking Page.