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The Evergreen Forest offers fun 2-night Girlfriend Getaways for 3-10 women, providing a memorable time for special friends. We know that girlfriends want to do things together, perhaps new and different activities. We strive to tap into your natural inquisitiveness, and make full use of the magnificent wilderness that surrounds us.
Four essential elements of our Girlfriend Getaway:
We offer a choice of two girlfriend activities: Outdoor and Creative. Both will appeal to your curiosity, and keep everyone in your group entertained.
▶If weather permits, our outdoor feature is a shuttled Bruce Trail Hike. This is an easy, fun tour, and so scenic! Along the way, we always take in at least one of our local attractions. These may include Gleason Brook Pottery, Earthbound Gardens, or Bruce's Caves.
▶During inclement weather, or for those seeking less physical exertion, our creative tour is the Jewelry & Relaxation Tour, a lovely, low-key adventure. After lunch, we spend a couple of hours at the Painted Turtle, hand-crafting some beautiful hammered jewelry. From the natural splendour of the Niagara Escarpment to the exquisite beauty of your jewlelry creation, it's a day of new vistas.
Our accommodations are excellent for girls getaways, since our rooms occupy an adjoining, private building, and offer separate beds and private bathrooms. It's a great opportunity to reconnect in your own "group space", free from distractions and the workaday world. All rooms share a common walk-out deck, making socializing easy and fun. A very private lounge is yours to use 24/7. Our rooms are all oversize, and double occupancy is very comfortable. Single occupancy is available as an option; ask us if you're interested.  View Slideshow
Our surrounding forest is a great place to start. We have a 2 km easy-hike trail, weaving in and out of the cedar trees. It's 45 minutes of pure walking pleasure. If your group wants more challenge, the Bruce Trail is nearby, and there are several themed hikes in the area, including Bruce's Caves and Spirit Rock. You might see some of our local animals out there. Here's a trail sampler, to give you a feel for life in the forest.
Our getaways have some lovely meals! They're home-made right here, and we strive to cater to everyone's dietary needs. Breakfast is the way you like it, using our own eggs and seasonal vegetables. Choices often include blueberry pancakes (regular or gluten-free). The hiking lunch is often an outdoor picnic, if weather permits. Your group can pack their lunches and take them on the hike, and choose a nice spot to eat along the way.

Because we package our services together, the savings are substantial. For the sheer fun, adventure and social benefits, with excellent home-made food as well, that's a great bargain! There are lots of options your group might be interested in, like single and double occupancy, hiking shuttles or spa treatments. The Bruce Peninsula has dozens of tourist destinations, easily accessible from our central location. During the fall, winter and spring, these attractions are less crowded, and travelling the main roads is far less hectic. There's more information on our Booking Page. We look forward to hearing from you!