Evergreen Forest Shuttled Hikes

Our Featured Shuttle Hikes

All of our Shuttled hikes offer spectacular cliffside views of Georgian Bay, and also are ideally suited for snowshoeing. The hikes also vary in distance and difficulty; we would be happy to suggest the best one for you. As a rough guide:
1) Spirit Rock is a nice, easy walk, and includes a fascinating spiral staircase up the cliffside. Time: about 1h.
2) Colpoy's Heights winds through the forest close to the cliffs, and is our preferred snowshoeing trail. Time: about 2h.
3) Skinner's Bluff is very picturesque, with stunning panoramic views of Georgian Bay. Time: about 4h.
Every hike experience ends with a fantastic “Hiker’s Reward” lunch, a delicious and refreshing home-made creation of Caroline. All hikes are within a few minute’s drive from Evergreen Forest, and close to many other attractions on the lower Bruce Peninsula, like Bruce’s Caves, Wiarton Willie Park, Kepple Croft Gardens, and Wiarton Marina.